Women's Hair Loss

Women with hair loss tend to have thinning hair in similar areas to baldness in men. Instead of temporal recessions, there tends to be a generalized thinning of hair across the top of the scalp from temporal recession to temporal recession and posteriorly to the area where men typically have bald spots.  Thinning hair in this area makes it more difficult to style.  This can be particularly disconcerting to some women and make group activities like swimming uncomfortable.  As many as 30-40% of hair loss patients can be women.

Ludwig Hair Loss

One of the more favorable characteristics of hair restoration in women, is that larger grafts with more hair can be placed and appear more natural and provide more density faster, due to the camouflage of surrounding hair.  More hair with your hair, faster.  More hairs per graft mean more hair for less money, and in less time.